Bill’s Vision of The Future

Last month during a Saturday Staff meeting the subject of expanding Briar Report came up. We talked about having a website that not only provided news like the main Briar Report website, but much more. A site that people could go to and read articles and reviews. Where they could glance at a calendar and see what’s coming up, not only with Pipe Clubs but for YouTube events as well. Where you could find out about all the contests that are going on, or see who’s coming up on a Live Stream. Maybe offer YouTube channels a place to have their raffles hosted if they wanted. The ideas just kept coming until we had to stop talking and start acting.

This website is what came of that meeting. It’s a work in progress but hopefully it will grow into a site that pipe smokers around the world will come to.

There’s only one problem with this idea that I can see. They asked me to write a column once a week. Everyone else is “too busy” to do it and they asked me. They will update and produce all the site’s content, all I have to do is write this column. At first I said “no way”, because what am I going to talk about? They told me they didn’t want the Staff to write reviews and that we would welcome readers to submit their own. But they did say I can complain about anything I wanted to. Now we’re talking. A Critic’s Column, now that is something I can handle. Just complain about things! That’s something I can excel at. There isn’t a thing on this planet, and beyond, that I can’t complain about.

I was also promised that if I keep it clean, there will be no editorial oversight. Well, well, well where to start. I can tell you this, if you’re making a YouTube video and you are slurping your coffee or sniffing your nose every two seconds, you should be worried.

One thing I would like to say from the outset is that for the record, I am mostly a “Cigar Guy”. I do love pipes, but I only have a couple and I don’t smoke very many blends regularly, but I do smoke what people bring to our meetings and I’d like to think I sort of know what I’m talking about.

So that’s it in a nutshell. Don’t expect too much and I won’t let you down. Let’s just hope they don’t stick my column on the bottom of the site.