Bill Winds Down the Year

It’s the day after Christmas and I’m just winding down from all the hubbub. All in all it was a pretty good Christmas. We had some fun doing the predictions this year. You’ll never guess which one was mine. It was the very first one. Every famous cigar smoker I mentioned turned out to be dead, so I let someone else pick a name but the idea was mine. I hope it comes true, some famous guy going on Stogie Report, that would be great. 

Got a real nice present this year from the guys. A box of My Father Cedros Deluxe Cervates. You sure can’t go wrong with any of the My Father cigars, but that one is really good. With a whole box I can have two every month all year long, although I’ve already smoked two so that math might not work out. One of the reasons they said I got such a nice gift was because I’ve turned in my column every week and haven’t been late once. Not bad if I say so myself. I’m hoping I get some vacation time this coming year. It’s a lot harder to come up with a topic every week than you think. One of the guidelines is not to do reviews, but I think I can sneak a little talk on those My Fathers in an upcoming column. Now I only have to think of 51 more. 

I have to have the column turned in by Wednesday so they can go through and take out all the swear words (none so far) and add pictures on Thursday. They also come up with the title. I do the hard part. It gets published on Fridays. 

In the coming year I’m planning on doing a few things I’ve been thinking about. One is my theory on cigar cutters. I’ve been told I’m way off base, but it’s one thing I’m pretty sure about. I wanted everyone to bring in their own personal cigar cutter (the one they use the most) and I would take a picture of each one and show you why they are all junk. I get more flack from that than anything else, but I thought it would make a great column. At the end I can show you my cutter and tell you why it’s the best one ever. Nobody will guess what my favorite cutter is, but after my column everyone will have one. Look for that in the coming year. All I need is a camera and someone to take the pictures for me. Then put them on the computer. 

Some behind the scenes information on the Briar Report and the Stogie Report. You’ll notice that I’ve been much better updating my site in the last month. We are going to keep all the websites going strong. They are probably going to edit the numbers out but the Twitter account grew four times over the year and the number of people going on the website grew twenty five times. That’s a lot of people, that’s not counting the people going on Stogie Report. I’ve never seen these numbers before but when they were talking about the year end statistics they were talking in the hundreds of thousands. I couldn’t believe it. There isn’t that many reading my column yet but that would be great if it happened some day. 

I hope everyone reading this has a Happy New Year. I’ll try to keep my column on time and interesting for you. For now, I think I’ll just wrap up the year and smoke another of my My Father Cedros.


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