Pilot Episode of the Sacred Leaf Society

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts. That’s the result of two YTPC channels getting together. The Catholic Pipesteader – Dave and OTC Piper – Matt, brothers from Texas who founded the Sacred Leaf Society.

Each of their channels have been growing nicely over the past year, but when they get together to hold their Mantles, the chemistry of the team really shines.

This show been in the planning stages for a few months and in the meantime the guys have been working on the format and ironing out the technical issues with producing the new show.

Of course as luck would have it the first episode, episode zero, is now somewhere in the ether and may or may not be available for the archives. For now they have recapped the episode and invite you to see what the new show is all about.

There are very few channels currently with this format. Tobacco Talk with Ole Berg and John Lofland comes to mind, and another channel will be debuting a similar format in the near future. This is a very interesting and exciting addition to the YTPC. As channels are finding their own voices we are being treated with a variety of unique shows which is a testament to the creativity of the content creators out there.

Before the end of last year I talked with the guys about where they see the Sacred Leaf Society going. They told me they were looking for much more structured content than what people get now. They also want it to be an interactive show where viewers are an important part of the show. They are especially hoping to reach the new pipe smoker.

If you’re just starting out, not only do you have to search all over to find out the information you need, in a lot of cases people don’t even know what they should be even searching for” Typically people end up finding Muttnchop Piper or Stuff and Things, but they wanted to have a more comprehensive show, something that would appeal not only to all pipe smokers but also help the new guy along as well. All in one place.

The first few shows we do may be rough as we try to figure out what works and what doesn’t“. In parallel to the live show the plan is to release it in Podcast form, “We want to get this information out there“.

In the meantime they welcome your input and your questions. They are hoping the show will have an interactive component to it, that people will want to get involved and make it a fun place to meet. Just like the Mantles the guys are famous for.

Take a look at the pilot recap below and be sure to subscribe to The Sacred Leaf Society and hit the notification icon.