Bill Hobnobs With Major CEO

After being put in charge of Briar Report’s new eBay partnership program where we show pipes for sale on eBay, I decided to contact their CEO.

What could it hurt? I figured that guy probably spends all day signing checks, looking at stupid reports and wishing he were someplace else. Probably on his Yacht smoking a pipe. Turns out he’d rather be smoking a cigar which makes me like the guy even more.

Anyway, I found out who he was and decided to send him a little note. I figured if we’re going to have a relationship with that company I may as well go right to the top. Why mess around with some lackey when they always have to go to “the guy” to get anything done anyhow. Now, I’m not going to ask the guy how to click the buttons to make the thing work better, that actually is a job for the lackeys, but as long as we become pals then in the future when he’s thinking about selling his pipes or wants to find out the latest pipe smoking news, he’ll know right were to go.

So I sent him an email.

[Editor’s note: We did not seek permission from Mr. Wenig to publish his response and we have no intention to. I would just like to say that he replied with a very nice note and a personal welcome into the eBay affiliate program]

You may not know because you’re not all buddy-buddy with him like I am, but he’s a pretty down to earth guy. He probably makes a million bucks a year and he took the time to write me a letter. I can tell you from past experience that usually when I write a letter to someone I either hear nothing or get some strange response like they didn’t even know what I’m talking about.

You will also note on the magazine website that the RSS feed for the pipes is now working. I don’t know what RSS means but it has something to do with it automatically updating. While you’re on our site reading articles you can glance over there and see a few estate pipes that are for sale. We have the filters set so it doesn’t show you junk, just good pipes. If you click on one of them it takes you right to the eBay store where you can buy it or bid on it, however it works.

I’m actually starting to get pretty excited about this. I have the super secret link to the Briar Report account and can go on there and see reports. It tells you how many people click on it and how many people actually buy something. Phil said that when we make our first $200 he’ll buy us any box of cigars we want, under $200. I keep watching that graph while thinking about what kind of cigar I want. At this rate it might be awhile, but hopefully it will pick up.

Anyway, that’s an update on the eBay front. If anything changes I’ll be sure to report it to you. In the meantime take a minute and see what new on their site, you would be stunned at all the stuff they have.


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