Thursday Thousand with WizzD

Starting a new series aimed at getting people who have between 500 and 1,000 subscribers up to that 1K sub mark. YouTube’s new rules that require channels that want to live stream on a mobile device to have a minimum of one thousand subscribers, which has turned out to be a problem for YTPC members who have live streamed in the past but now can’t

In trying to help some of the YTPC channels who are close to meeting that threshold, WizzD has begun “shouting out” a group of them each Thursday, a-la Ghost Cob’s Find Five Friday.

You can help by subscribing to WizzD and watching out for his Thursday show. Check out the channels he recommends and give them a sub to help them reach the goal of 1,000 subscribers. 
This is just another example of YTPC members helping each other out. WizzD is doing a fantastic job so lets help him out.