Tobacco Related YouTube Videos In The Crosshairs

This week YouTube started to enforce its policy about not monetizing videos with tobacco content. In the past they have let it slide but now they are coming down on Cigar and Pipe channels.

This might be just the first step in eliminating tobacco content altogether. Cigar channels were obviously hit the hardest as they are so much bigger more of them have monetized their content. But still, there are a handful of YouTube Pipe Community (YTPC) channels that have taken advantage of the opportunity and did in fact set up their channels for monetization.

Halfwheel was one of the first to break the story.

The fear now is that eventually it won’t just be a matter of monetization, but if videos talking about tobacco will even be allowed on the platform. Not trying to scare anyone, but if you haven’t backed up your content and saved a copy for yourself, you should seriously consider doing so.

If anyone in the YTPC posts videos on this subject we will link to them here in this article. Check in to see what people have to say, or write to us and we would be happy to publish your thoughts.