Bill Doubles Down On Fidel

This week I’m going to try to control myself. Last week I took some heat for my pounding on Cigar Aficionado. I know a lot of people like that magazine and there’s no denying how popular it is. It became a thing a while back to have your picture on the cover, like GQ magazine.

Cigars were at their height of popularity and movie stars were on the cover each month. A very well put together magazine. But that gives them no excuse for how they embraced Fidel.

Some people have the view of a cigar smoker as a fat-cat Wall Street, Country Club snob who could care less about the peon lesser classes. Cigar Aficionado does nothing to dispel that myth. It’s always the intellectual types that embrace communists because they think when the government takes over everything, it will be them running the show. Idiots!

Warning: Politics

Also, really stupid people love Communism because they think they will finally get their chance to stick it to the rich and grab a little of what doesn’t belong to them. “Their fair share”. They want what someone else earned. When the commies take over they are always the first to starve to death.

All the people in the middle, the ones who build things and earn their way through life are the real victims when a government goes rogue.

The Reds destroyed Cuba and it seems to me that it doesn’t bother some of the elites in this country, which is why they are taking hold here.

I’m not saying Cigar Aficionado are commies. I think they just apologize for them because they want some cigars. Just as bad in my book.

In a round about way, by giving these monsters a pass it has dumbed-down their evil and paved the way for the next wave. Thanks Cigar Aficionado, you sit around in the big leather chairs in your hoiety club reminiscing about Castro smoking your thousand dollar box of cigars while the rest of us fight off the plague of Marxists that have spread out around the country.

Bottom Line

Here’s the bottom line. People in general have their opinions, me included, and they also have the things they like. In so many cases, as long as people have what they want they turn a blind eye on what’s right or wrong. They don’t want to hear it. They will give you their opinion on a hundred different things, but don’t want to hear one on what they care about. Especially if you call them out. Commies taking over Venezuela and destroying it – outrage. Mentioning the ravished Cuba and how that evil government has profited off the cigar businesses they stole – mind your own business.

I’m ashamed to say it, but a lot of “cigar guys” fall into that category. The madder they get at me only tells me I’m right.

Quit writing to me yelling about it. I get it.

Column Officially Begins

OK, I didn’t want to talk about that. I wanted to only mention two topics., but that’s sort of related to the first (because I got angry letters).

As most of you know, we are involved in a new project. Since our staff is quite small our resources are becoming strained. At first I really wasn’t going to take part other than offer my wise council. Let these guys know when they are screwing up or give them a good idea here and there.

But now I’ve been called up. Drafted if you will.

If you remember for a few months we had a Letters to the Editor column in the magazine. It hasn’t been published since the spring because all the letters (they’re really emails) are all the same. “How can I get my show listed on the front page of the Briar Report?” Or, personal questions that we are not going to publish.

Now part of this new project includes a small “publication”. In it there will be a small feedback section where people can write in with their comments or questions.

Believe it or not they want me to be in charge of it. I’ve been told that I mostly have to go through the comments and pick out the best three or four for publication. I suppose if there was any that needed to be answered I would have to write one. I wouldn’t be one of those jerks that likes to insult people just to be funny, but I will warn you, I don’t suffer fools well. Plus, besides that, I’d really like to hear what you have to say.

Believe me, in a couple of months you’re really going to have a lot to say. If I get enough letters in the next few weeks I’ll practice by doing a Letters to the Editor column in the magazine.

Send Questions & Comments to Bill

You can email me at the address at the bottom of this column, or use the address they are going to use for that, They will get forwarded to me. I’m going to clean off my desk so I’ll have a great spot to work on my new project.

Chapter II

The second thing I wanted to talk about is what makes some of those YouTube Channels so popular. I’ve talked in the past of cigar shows that I liked or not, but I’m talking about in general.

I see most pipe or cigar channels have hundreds or even low thousands of subscribers. I know the things they talk about are not as popular as they once were, but you would think there would be more people watching.

Freaks and Weirdos

Now take a look around YouTube and be prepared to be shocked. This might be old news to most of you, but to me, I couldn’t believe it. There are stations that are so dumb and boring, but have tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of subscribers. I’m not even talking about shows on subject that don’t interest me. People like all kinds of things, I get that. but there are little girls that have nothing to talk about other than what they are currently doing, which is nothing. “What’s up guys?” They offer nothing. The opposite of insightful. Yet thousands tune in.

Are there that many stupid people? I think there are and they all have a show of their own. How do they become famous in the first place? It just blows me away how low people have become. I use to complain that TV was full of garbage but the internet is that times a billion.

Stand by everyone. Everything is going to come crashing down and all we’ll have is a bunch of morons looking at their phones hoping a teenaged girl will tell them what to do. News flash, she’s as stupid as you are, she just has more likes, whatever the [expletive deleted] that means.

Don’t forget to send me those letters and questions. Unless you want to lecture me about getting Political with cigars. In that case you can take that precious commie stogie of yours and [expletive deleted!].


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Editor’s note: while we agree with Bill on some points, his views are not exactly ours. We will talk to him and see if we can get him to round off the corners on how he expresses his political views. In fact, it might be best that he kept them to himself.