Public Access TV

Our first upgrade to the brtv platform is the addition of the brtv Public Access Channel. We will have one channel set aside for anyone who wants to put up their own video on brtv. In the spirit of the old cable public access channels, all you need is an idea and a time slot. You provide the first and we’ll give you the second. 

What kind of content are we looking for? Anything that will be of interest to pipe and cigar smokers. We encourage you to think outside the box. There are no constraints on the video you make, but for us to give you a time slot, it really needs to be something our viewers would enjoy. 

What are some of the things you might want to consider? How about a review of a pipe tobacco or cigar. You can give viewers a peek inside your pipe club meeting. Maybe you want to promote an event you are having and want to make a quick video telling brtv viewers what’s going on. 

This will give you the access to the brtv audience on your own terms. Much like the articles section of the Briar Report Magazine. That is also open to the public. We are more than happy to publish your content for the community to see. The Public Access Channel is much the same. 

You have an idea for a video, now how do you go about getting it on the air? Just send an email to and tell us who you are and what you plan to make a video about. In the subject line of the email be sure to put “Public Access” in there somewhere. Give us a short synopsis of what you would like to do. 


“This is Paul from Paul’s Pipeworks and I want to make a video showing how I make pipes.”

“I have a YouTube channel, Tina’s Tins and Tampers,  and I’m having a big drawing in December and I wanted people to know how to enter and show off the prizes”

“You know who I am, loser, and I wanna review that overrated cigar that just came out, The Year of the Slug”.

How We Plan To Schedule the Shows

We don’t know how popular this will be at first, so we don’t want to overschedule. Possibly starting with only one or two shows a week until we see how it’s going. Taking the pitches from the people who wrote in we will assign them a time slot. If we have too many people that want to get in at once we will choose the ones we think the audience will be most interested in. We will also take into consideration time dependant content like drawings or Holiday greetings. In the event we have a full schedule, we may ask you to hold off for awhile. It may not mean we don’t want to publish your video, it might just mean there are more people than slots. 

We will then work with you to pick a time and day that works for both of us. When we are in agreement, then you can go ahead and make the video or prepare it for air. 

Please give us plenty of time to schedule your show. Especially if it needs to air by a certain date. If a lot of people like this, then we can add time slots in the future. For now we are going to keep it simple. 


We shy away from making rules. But since we don’t know everyone personally and because it is airing on our Network, it is resonable to assume that we are not going to put up anything, no matter what.

Our basic guidelines here are;

1) Don’t do anything illegal. In other words, don’t use copywritted material, or music. Don’t do anything that will get you or us sued. Videos with that type of content will not be published, and you will have wasted everyone’s time, especially yours.

2) The second “rule” is to behave like a gentleman or a lady. If you swear like a Sailor that’s fine, but not on videos we host. We are also not going to publish anything where you are going to attack someone personally or moon the camera. Save that for your own YouTube channel. 

We hope that this will be a way for you to reach a new audience. Also, if you are somone who has never made a video before and you really don’t want to start your own YouTube channel, but you have something you want to say, then by all means, say it here. 

This format is perfect for the person who wants to be heard but doesn’t have the subscriber base to be seen by very many people. Maybe you only want to make a video once a year. In that case, do it here.  

A Way To Join In

You have heard us talk in the past about the availability of hosting on brtv. At the time we came on line we had three extra channels built into the network. Two being for future shows that we hope will be ready to go in the coming months. The third was an extra. We feel that using this last spot in this way gives the most people access to our website. 

It is still our intention to grow the website, thereby growing the Network allowing more and more people to join on a permanent basis. We wanted to have the biggest impact on the most people as soon as we could, and this seemed like a good solution. 

Being on the Public Access Channel is not in any way an audition to getting a show of your own. We are still working out some problems with what we have so far. Some things are minor while others are major. In the end this is what we feel is the best approach.

We are going to try to accomidate as many people as we can. If you want to make a video, we want to have you. Please be patient with us as we decide on the logistics and the best way to schedule the programs. 

Help Us Make It Better

If you have any ideas or comments, please send them to the email address already mentioned. We are trying our best to have a website that everyone can enjoy, but make no claim that we know what we are doing. The feedback and comments we get from people are invaluable, and we take them all seriously. 

Give it some thought and send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing what kind of videos people want to contribute. I have a feeling it will be one of our more popular channels.