Tobacco Pipes Japan Selects

As people expand their collections and look into including unique artisan pipes, we immediately thought of Tobacco Pipes Japan. They carry more one of a kind pipes that you won’t see anywhere else. The best part is the quality is second to none. If you have any interest in high quality pipes you owe it to yourself to visit their website.

Hand Selected Pipes

We asked Tobacco Pipes Japan to go through their inventory and pick out three or four pipes that our readers might like. Personally, I like browsing through the pipes and seeing what’s available, but some people want to see highlights. For those people this is a nice round up of what you can expect to find from these talented Japanese artisans.

Don’t forget that Tobacco Pipes Japan ships all over the world, cutting out the importer and allowing you to own one of these gems at a very affordable price.

Tatsuo Tajima’s Gem

A birdseye lover’s delight!

For every pipe artisan, the first challenge is the initial decision to decide which design is best suited to compliment the briar’s best qualities. Tatsuo Tajima reserves his freehand GEM shape for only the BEST briar that falls into his hands. Mr. Tajima brilliantly produces a flat top panel platform to show off a scintillating display of tight birdseye grain. One can interpret the top pane as an ostentatiously exaggerated rim.

The bottom of the pipe shows an inverted presentation of the bowl, shank, and reverse calabash chamber.  Two hills and a valley can be comfortably felt while holding the piece. Each hill has a smokey thin birdseye that radiates strong lines that project outward to the top panel.

Amazing work!

Link to Tobacco Pipes Japan’s webpage.

Minoru Nagata

A very sophisticated, masculine creation from Mr. Nagata.

This pipe has a large, brown, Morta wood bowl gently rounded on the sides.  A small fin is found on the bottom edge while the rim is marked with a protruding lip.

A large thick bamboo shank is joined to the bowl giving the pipe a confident robust appearance.

A reinforcing Morta wood band helps to secure the stem to the shank.

Link to Tobacco Pipes Japan’s webpage.

Kim Jong Wook

Short Blowfish Dark

A familiar shape from the Kim workshop.

Unlike his previous blowfish pipes, Mr Kim has applied a mystical two toned colour to this masterpiece.  The pipe is baptized with a rich dark stain magnifying the wood’s dark veins.  A warm orange aura compliments the pipes presentation.

These two unique features gives one the impression of a stone marble ornament.

A fantastic piece for your favourite tobacco.

Link to Tobacco Pipes Japan’s webpage.

Kenichiro Sakurai

An Angel Hair beauty. Kenichiro Sakurai’s “Jougen no tuki” pipe is a freehand masterpiece created after a long workshop seminar with the famous artisan Hiroyuki Tokutomi. This enchanting pipe is wrapped with fine angel hair while the large rim and the face of the shank has tight matching birdseye grain. Gentle asymmetrical features are found on the shank and rim giving the pipe a relaxed disposition.

Link to Tobacco Pipe’s Webpage.