Pipes That Matter

For Pipe Week 2021 we wanted to start a series inspired by Chris from Tobacco Pipes Japan. It is a format where everyone could share a special pipe, that means something to them, with everyone else.

It doesn’t have to be a fancy or expensive pipe, but it could. As long as the pipe has a unique meaning and is one that you value, it has a place here.

We did not get very many entries, most likely because it is new and possibly because people didn’t understand what we wanted to include. They might also think it’s not a good idea. Nevertheless, we are going to share with you the few pipes from people who did want their pipe included.

Keep in mind that next year we may do something similar for Pipe Week 2022. If so we would welcome your addition and would love to see your pipe.

Briar Report’s First Pipe

This is my own pipe. It was featured in an article by Reborn Pipes when I sent it in for a restoration. It had a horrible crack on the side and some pits in the bottom of the bowl. For many not worth the time or money considering it was a basket pipe, but it was my first briar pipe. The repair far exceeded it’s original cost, but the pipe holds a lot of personal value.

Kilted Piper Steve

My choice of my pipe that matters is the first “good” pipe I ever bought. Found it at a local brick and mortar store some 50 years ago. It is a Roma 614 and a truly great smoker. It has been through a lot in those 50 years, moves all around the countryside, being lost and re-found, and it still is one of the best smokers I’ve ever had. 
Steve Ennis aka KiltedPiperSteve

Caffeinated Piper

 My favourite pipe has to be my Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Describes me perfectly down to my personality,  the second I saw it I knew I had to have it.  Smokes any tobacco very well, looks beautiful,  and feels great too.

– Goatman Stevie