Daily Briar Report

Two Weeks To Go

November 28th

We are less than two weeks away from the Jason Mouton Charity Auction that will benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and also the Shriner’s Hospital for Children.

Last year’s event was a success beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. Mostly because of one generous donor, but it inspired many people throughout the year. This time many more people are taking part and getting involved.

Peter Piper NYC is one of them and has made a video to encourage others to do likewise. Here is what Peter has to say on the subject.

As the saying goes the years are short and the day’s are long. Well…
A new year is fast approaching, with that in mind, 
I’d like to enlist your support to make this year’s auction even more impactful.

We  experience the luxury to participate in a hobby that we enjoy and the opportunity
to build fellowship within the YTPC Community.

Many friendships are fostered here, and charity and consideration is frequently
dispensed within the YTPC Community.

Now, you have the opportunity to reach out beyond the YTPC Community by supporting
this years Children’s auction. At the same time share in the excitement and opportunity
to get some great pipes and pipe related items at the auction.

Imagine smoking a pipe that you got at the auction, each time you smoke it and watch the smoke
rise into the air, the satisfaction that you will feel, knowing you care, that you have helped children get
the medical attention that they desperately need, from two great organizations that you can support.

St Jude Children’s Hospital and the Shriners Hospital for Children

The price you paid for the pipes is quantifiable, but the satisfaction of knowing you have
contributed to a child’s well being is priceless.

Please take a moment, if you have not already done so, to click on the link below.
Watch the video for the simple instructions (to download the video and upload to your channel).
It has all the details about the December 10th pipe auction for St Jude Children’s Hospital,
and the Shriners hospital for Children.

Peter Piper NYC

Here is a link to The video that Peter mentions that tells you how you can help.

Don’t Run With Scissors

November 27th

Eddie at The Pipe Nook has really stepped up the site. He was having some issues that prevented him from taking credit cards. That’s has all been resolved and he’s up and running 100% Not only that but the website now has a wish list feature and notifications on out of stock items.

Eddie has been working overtime. Any small businessman will tell you, working for yourself is ten times harder than working for someone else, and pays a fraction. You have to really love it, which Eddie does. This weekend he’s having a sale to kick off the Holiday season, so if you are interested in Savinelli, Rattrays, Peterson or Missouri Meerschaum, stop by The Pipe Nook and support a guy who really deserves it.

Every morning I listen to Kaplowitz Media. He’s been putting out a short video every day, sometimes it’s just audio which is fine since I’m usually doing something so I don’t necessarily watch, but also because he has a great radio voice.

Even though his website and YouTube content centers mostly around cigars, he’s equally at home talking about pipes and pipe tobacco. The other day he talked about Mad Fiddler Flake.

I hope I spelled Kaplowitz right. I’m probably the only one that’s ever had that problem.

I love it when I see “images” that I have photoshopped to use on our website appearing on other people’s content, places like facebook. It means they at least visited the Briar Report even if it was to swipe a photo. Feel free to grab what ever you want. If it’s something that I paid a license fee for, you’re on your own if you get fined.

Looks like Matthew from Picking and Piping won a cigar or two from Donald Hughes. Again, I watched Martin’s show overnight and I can’t see the chat yet. The only reason I know Matthew won is because Donald gave me the heads up.

What’s up with Martin opening a box with a pair of scissors? What’s the opposite of manly? I would have used a SOG Seal Team Elite knife. I know, I know, Sigmund Freud would have something to say about that, but Freud was a total fraud.

Come on, how can you blame everything on either your mother or what’s going on in your pants? If anyone had mental problems it would have been Sigmund who thought about those two things all the time. It seems to me like little Siggy had mommy issues.

How did I get on that?

I spoke with Nish (The Avid Piper) yesterday afternoon and totally forgot to ask him how many pipes are left. I don’t think it’s very many. This might be your last chance to get in on the give away he’s doing. Even if the spots are full you should still look into Asikyan Pipes, they really are amazing.

Oh, I Ate Too Much

November 26th, 2021

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Now I want to crawl into a hole until January 2nd.

Black Friday Sales from just about everyone. Briar Blues (link off to the right there –>) and a Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale from The Country Squire.

Tobacco Advent is on for 2021. Great to see the guys from The Markwood Men’s Breakfast Club.

Yesterday I promised to share with you something I read in Marine Chronometer by Rupert Gould.

The Spanish government was among many that offered cash prizes to the discoverer of Longitude. Of course, cranks and weirdos would always try to claim some of the prize money so committees and boards were set up to judge the  credibility of entrants. They were also authorized to expend money to further the work of promising candidates.

Lt. Commander Gould included some examples in his book. This is what made me laugh.

Quoted from Duro’s Disquisiciones Nauticas,

August 8th, 1615 To Captain Lorenzo Ferrer Maldonado an allowance of 40 escudos  a month while afloat for observations on the longitude and the invariable compass, for which he was promised a perpetual pension of 5,000 ducats.

September 6th, 1625 To Juan Mayllard, a Frenchman, 20 escudos and one man’s rations in the Terra-Firma fleet, in which he had made certain experiments on longitude.

As a pipe smoker, you can see why I was amused at the entry. Of course it’s commonly known that escudo is a coin from Portugal, but you never hear about it anymore. Not since the Euro was introduced and almost never in the United States.

I wonder if Captain Lorenzo ever dreamed that over 400 years later someone would be wondering what he spent his 40 escudos on. From what I can tell (and I’ve already spent too much time on it) is that’s about $337 in today’s money. Back then escudos were made of gold, so if you go off the price of gold and kept it this whole time, it would be $3,760.

That’s a lot of Escudo, if you know what I mean.

Couple of things here. First, who the heck puts the dollar sign in the middle of a number? I got a headache as soon as I saw 675$00. Second, currently some people think it’s fine to put the dollar sign behind the number. That’s even worse. It goes in front of the number! I know, I know, where did that come from? You have no idea.

Looks like Mr. Odie won the Fuente cigar, plus one, given away by Donald Hughes on his live show last night. Congratulations Odie. If I’m not mistaken, Donald has a lot more to give away.

Ghost Cob Shawn rolled out a Find Five Friday if you want to check it out.

I’ll leave you today with a link to a video Dr. Higgins put out. What a Goomba. I don’t know what his mob name would be but Cliff “the dentist” Higgins isn’t as scary as it might seem. Unless of course you need a root canal.

Pass The Gravy

November 25th, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving. Posting this a little later than I have been since I couldn’t wait to watch the replay of The Spurgeon Piper’s live stream last night. I didn’t wait for the comments to be attached to the video. If you watch the replays right after they come on, you don’t see what people write in the chat. It’s irritating but I couldn’t wait. Might have to watch it again just to read the chat.

Wilson mentioned that he is going to try to make it at least a monthly event. I sure hope so.

Our cigar buying guide written by Donald Hughes came out this morning. For all you hard core stogie guys, keep in mind this was never intended to be a comprehensive list or a “definitive” guide. The target audience is the pipe smoker that is either an occasional cigar smoker or someone who knows very little, and would like to learn more. It gives people a good place to start.

The one thing in the cigar guide that is without a doubt, rock solid correct, is my cigar pick. No debate there.

Seriously, one thing that I did discover going over those cigars is the Jamon Plasencia. I bought a can so they have been sitting on my desk and I keep reaching for them. Not something a connoisseur might like, but they are surprisingly good and very inexpensive.

The rest are all really good cigars. I like them all. Never had the Afrique before, and that was a nice find. Can’t remember where I got that one, but the local shops didn’t carry them so it was one of the harder ones to get. Although, worth it.

Stop by Donald’s live show tonight and tell him what you think of his picks. I think he did a great job. After that Briar Blues comes on. Tomorrow is his one day sale, so read the blurb below.

I have a little something I want to share with you from a book I was reading last night. I try to read for at least one hour every day no matter how busy I am. The book was Marine Chronometer by Lt. Commander Rupert Gould. It is one of the most fascinating books I’ve ever read, and I’ve read it many times. It was published in 1923 and it has a lot of technical content like the impulse momentum the pallet jewel contributes in a spring balance escapement.

Not for most people, that’s for sure. But I did run across something that made me laugh. Not the pallet jewels, although they can be quite humorous, no I’m talking about something people who read this blob would find very interesting.

I think I’ll share that with you tomorrow. In the meantime, don’t eat too much turkey and enjoy your after dinner pipe (or cigar).

Did Someone Say Sale?

November 24th, 2021

Yesterday afternoon we heard back from Missouri Meerschaum about the fire they had. The blog was updated, so if you didn’t see it you can scroll down a bit and read what happened. Hint: nothing much.

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and the savings/sales have already begun.

Professor Walker is one of the first out of the box and is having a huge blowout sale. His prices are great to begin with and now he has savings piled on top of that. Can’t go wrong.

Smokingpipes has 10% off of tobacco, 15% off everything else until the 29th. No link there unless they pay! But it is a good deal so I want to be sure to mention it. But they should pay too.

Briar Blues is doing just the opposite. Always the guy bucking the norm. He recommends that you not buy anything from him just yet since this coming Friday, the 26th, everything on the site will have a special sale price. It’s going to be a 24 hour event. You don’t even need a code or anything. The special pricing will be right there for you.

Considering the pipes that are on the Briar Blues site now, this could be your one chance to get that grail pipe you were on the fence about. Pick out what you want now and be ready Friday morning.

I knew that crowd that showed up on the blob this past Monday was probably some looky-loos. If I would have only had something interesting to compel them to return. Darn! It’s my own fault.

A few of them did return and I’m grateful for that.

Tomorrow is the publication of Donald Hughes‘ premium cigar buyer’s guide. Watch for his live show and he’ll go over what that’s about. Probably be smoking one of those stogies and waving it around in front of the camera. Maybe he’ll send you one, you never know. Thursday 6 pm EST, just before the Briar Blues Show.

Tonight is The Nashville Mafia Live! That could be the hottest show right now. They are trying to get to 100 viewers live and I can’t believe they aren’t there already. I’ve watched some of their shows in reruns, TWICE. I can’t get enough. 8:30 EST tonight.

There was some talk about those guys giving away a prize if they hit that level of viewership on one of their December shows. I can’t remember all the details. Something about a new car . . . not sure. I’ll find out and let you know.

Finally, The Spurgeon Piper is going to host his first live show later in the evening. 10 pm Eastern, 9 Central. If you want to be part of that be sure to tune in and give Wilson some feedback. I know it will be a great show. I’m looking forward to him doing something on a more permanent basis.

Someone Is Getting A New Tasting Pipe

November 23rd, 2021

I was just joking around yesterday about people coming over to the blob from the newsletter but we actually got a pretty big spike. I was surprised at the number. Let’s see if I scared them all away. I’ll know tomorrow morning.

Yesterday there was a fire at the Missouri Meerschaum factory in Washington Missouri, Linked on our News website. I shouldn’t have to mention it was in Missouri because it’s in the name, but I didn’t want to take a chance of someone thinking I was talking about the State or the landfill. Anyway, the story is rather thin, mostly just a Police Blotter type of entry.

I have an email out to the nice folks there to get some more info. Make sure everyone is good and that the production capabilities of the Country Gentleman hasn’t been affected. When I get more info I will print it here first so people checking the blob will be the first to know.

I didn’t think there were very many videos released yesterday but when I checked my feed there is more than I thought. Corvette Jim is back after a little time away. He had a little surgery. Better let him tell you about it. Pipes, Tobacco & Whiskey has a nice review of Watch City’s Ahab’s Comfort and James Burrows goes over Mississippi Mud. C & D is not going to like what he has to say.

José Cavendish, Parsimonious Piper, and Paul Gilson all put up videos. They are some of the guys that are pretty consistent with the content.

Did you see the pipe Mike at Briar Blues got in? It takes a special kind of pipe smoker to gravitate to that behemoth. A 3G shape 55. I just realized this is my website so I can do whatever I want so why not put up a photo?

This is my tasting pipe

Wow! What can you say about that? Here is a link to the video.

If I hear back from Missouri Meerschaum, I’ll hop back on later today and let you know.


Just received a report from the Missouri Meerschaum factory:

“We are all just fine.  One of our blower motors caught fire but it was extinguished swiftly by our Production Supervisor.”

For plant safety Marilyn called the fire department to check them out and be sure everything was fine.

“We were given the all clear and work resumed with a few of us smelling like an English blend for the remainder of the day. Nothing stops us from making our fine corn cob pipes!! “

Great news indeed! Glad everyone is safe and they will all enjoy Thanksgiving as planned.

Wise Men

November 22nd, 2021

CaneRod Piper announced his give away. Extremely nice Boswell Calabash pipe is the prize along with a Larry Blackett tamper. Mike talked about smoking with some friends and it made a nice video worth watching. The rules for the give away are in the description. 

Entries must be in by Dec. 4th so you need to get your entry in if you want a chance to win.

Malcolm Guite waxes lyrical about my favorite subject, Deluxe Navy Rolls. Dr. Guite also takes a little dip into the poetry of Edwin Muir, as he would put it.

Found out that Wilson from The Spurgeon Piper channel is going to do a live show this week. He was polling people on YouTube trying to zero in on a day and time and settled on 10 pm EST this Wednesday. He told me that his schedule is not going to permit him to do this every week but if it gets a decent response, it might be at least semi-regular. If you’re interested, stop by and let him know what you think of the show and the time. Unfortunately, I will have to watch it in rerun as that’s a bit late for me. It’s too bad since it’s a show I’d really love to watch live.

Welcome to all the new readers of our daily blob. I’m sure our wildly popular newsletter sent you all over in droves. Appreciate you stopping by and hope you become a regular. Where else can you get all the latest pipe smoking insider dish? The forums? Don’t make me laugh.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

November 21th, 2021

The weekly newsletter is in the can and scheduled to go out tomorrow. So much in this one. I went through 3 pipes just putting it together!

The Briar Bothy is shooting for 1,000 subscribers. Good for him, I hope he makes it. Let me say this about Mark, the guy is going to be the coolest old man that ever lived. As long as he doesn’t change and get crotchety or anything like that. He looks like the kind of guy that will age well and get all wrinkly and wise. If smoking is still allowed, he’ll have a million subscribers. I will be long gone to be able to say “I told you so” so some of you young guys will have to do it for me.

If the world doesn’t make a course correction, pipe and cigar smokers like me (us) will either be in jail or in front of a firing squad. People’s sensibilities are strange now and they are certainly intolerant of anything they don’t agree with. Makes me glad I’m old and on the other side of the hill.

Had time to watch a couple of live shows yesterday and last night. James Stumbo is so funny, in a good way. Most shows are pretty free flowing when it comes to what’s being discussed (NM Live!), but his is off the wall. I love it. He’s yelling out what drinks he has available in his refrigerator. Never took him for a grapefruit juice kind of guy. I guess James is full of surprises.

After having said that, I was watching All Briar’d Up but called it a night when the topic of prison sex came up. I’ll probably regret writing that. Sure hope Google-bots don’t classify this blog as something I wouldn’t like. I don’t know how you go from mad scientist pipe tobacco blending to that. For the record, that is not a normal topic on that show, and it’s actually kind of fun to have on. I often listen in as I go through my morning routine. There is a good chance I’m listening to All Briar’d Up when I’m answering your email.

Thanksgiving Week! Now begins the ramping up to the holidays. Except Canadians, they get to double dip on Thanksgiving. Hope this year turns out to be a great one. Not only for businesses but for all your families as well.

Game Day

November 20th, 2021

Happy Saturday morning everyone.  Flat Cap Piper will be on early today for his Game Day show. I haven’t been keeping track of how everyone is doing picking the games, but I think Flat Cap’s mom is doing really well. In my family, everyone just picks Notre Dame.

Will, also known as swaggyman_piper 1926 offered a “thank you” give away/challenge on his Mirth Monday show. He wanted to know ; What Movie What pipe What blend? and Why? Not a bad set of questions and I’m anxious to see some of the answers. PeterPiper NYC was one of the first to respond. The pipe and blend ones are easy, the movie on the other hand requires a lot of thought. At least for me it does.

Donald Hughes covered for Yardism yesterday and was talking about some chicken ranch. I didn’t even realize he knew much about the poultry business.

If you’re reading this on the day it was posted I want to thank you so much. You are obviously a dedicated Briar Report follower or you’re lost. If you can do me a favor and spread the word that we are manning this blog and plan to keep it as current as we can. It will all depend on how many people check in each day.

There has been a lot of chatter on the internet about a self defense trial that was going on. I’ll stay away from topics like that but will say this about self defense, my small arms locker is located in front of my pipe tobacco cellar. Careful thought went into that arrangement.

Going to be working on our weekly newsletter today. If you didn’t know, anything you want us to mention in the newsletter has to be to me by Saturday to make the Monday edition.

It’s nice to see that there is more response to the Secret Santa that Picking and Piping is running than last year. If you haven’t signed up yet, let Matthew know and get on the list.

Don’t Nobody Go in that Bathroom for About 35, 45 Minutes

November 19th, 2021

We’ve had some major successes in the past, but our new blog (this one) is without a doubt the fastest growing blog in the history of the world. We have doubled our readership in a matter of hours. Not to brag, but we are almost into double digits here.

Briar Blues put out a video debunking some myths about DIY pipe repairs. If you’re the kind of person with nothing but duct tape and 3-In-1 oil in your toolbox, you might want to watch.

Speaking of Briar Blues, the Insider’s Club release went out last night. Some very nice pipes on there, at ridiculous prices I might add. Radices cheaper than factory production pipes. Tinsky pipes for an absolute steal. It pays to sign up. No joke.

Donald Hughes will be filling in for Yardism tonight as Chad is taking a little time off. Donald will be on a tad later than his usual 4:00 Eastern and will stay on into the next time slot, but not all the way to 8:00.

Yes Chad, it was by design.

At 8:00 CaneRod Piper comes on for his live show. He just had a very successful auction. Congratulations.

Finally at 9 pm Eastern it’s Over A Pipe‘s Let ‘er Rip Friday with Martin, Marty McFly and Dereck McMahon. It’s quite a show if you’ve never seen it. More laughs per minute than Benedictine Monks doing their funniest Gregorian Chants.

Want me to include anything in our daily blog or weekly newsletter? Shoot me an email, editor@briarreport.com.

One Full Day

November 18th, 2021

To be totally clear, we do not have this page set up correctly. There is a good chance once we get someone that knows what they are doing, this will change a little. Especially on our end.

Three people read the brand new blog on it’s opening day. Reminds me of the days when Briar Report was young. The only visitors we got were Bill Needleman and Sykes Wilford. After a little while, it was only Bill.

When you don’t have time to get everything done, the last thing you want to do is take on something else. But, that’s exactly what we are doing. 

If we get a lot of readers it might be fun and encourage us to keep this going. It’s Thursday and you know what that means? Briar Blues Thursday Night Live show. Just prior to kickoff, Donald Hughes will be tailgating.

Hobbiton Piper has his 1,000 subscriber give away going on. Just one day in and he has over 500 views and the Video Responses are already being posted.  All the rules are available in the description of the video so I won’t reprint them here.

J. Mouton has a update on the Children’s auction that he is holding next month. Including information about some Asikyan pipes that have been added to the auction. There is also a play list of everything that is going to be in the Auction. Proceeds will be split between St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and the Shriners Children’s Hospital. Great causes and great pipes. Stay tuned for the latest info and plan to attend on December 10th.

Setup and Test Drive

November 17th, 2021

Having been asked several times over the past couple of weeks about Pipe blogs, we realized the market is woefully short on that type of content. Not only that but the blogs that do exist are not being maintained.

We totally sympathize with that since we do not maintain all of our content. Many other projects compete for your time and things get put on the back burner. In our case we have lots of fresh content that doesn’t make it to our website because of various reasons. Maybe it’s too short to write a complete article on. It could also be something more suited for a social media post. Since we are trying to quietly back out of that toxic dump of social media, this might be a better place for it.

We can also provide a place for people to get timely information that interests them. What events are going on such as give away contests on YouTube, Fundraisers and even, dare I say it, gossip. Maybe not that last one, but if you have something juicy . . . never mind.

It will also give visitors of the Briar Report a bit of advanced notice on things that go on around the pipe community. We get dozens of emails each week, some discussing upcoming events. With permission, we would be happy to share them with you in almost real time. We’ll still publish items in the weekly newsletter, but you will be able to catch them here first.

If there is anything you would want to add or have us pass along, we are more than happy to do so. All you have to do is drop me an email at editor@briarreport.com.

If you have any suggestions or comments, we would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading.