First Impressions of Dunhill Standard Mixture

Goatman Stevie Gives his first impressions of the out of production Dunhill Standard Mixture Medium.

The Red Hunt

Caffeinated Piper's  first impression of The Red Hunt by Warped Cigars and C & D.

First Impression of ‘Until The E...

Caffeinated Piper shares his thoughts on Until The End pipe tobacco from Warped Cigars and C&D.

First Impressions of Peterson (Dunhill...

Caffeinated Piper shares his first impression of the iconic blend Nightcap, a Peterson blend brought back to the market after Dunhill halted production.

The Tobacco Plant

From the Steel City Lounge, Ghost Cob teaches us everything we ever wanted to know about the tobacco plant.

First Impressions of Sail

Caffeinated Piper's first impressions of Sail pipe tobacco.

Part 2 of LA Jugata Nunchuck Review

Caffeinated Piper wraps up his review of the Jugata Nunchuck

First impression of LA Jugata Nunchuck...

Lighting up the LA Jugata Nunchuck with a cedar spill, Caffeinated Piper gives us his impressions.

First Impressions; Villager New World

Caffeinated Piper smokes New World in a Meerschaum pipe and gives us his first impressions.

Thems Fighting’ Words

Goatman Stevie defends the Missouri Meerschaum Great Dane Spool pipe in response to Ghost Cobs series on the best and the worst Missouri Meerschaum pipes.

Missouri Meerschaum Pipes That Ghost C...

Second part of a two part series on Corn Cob Pipes. This one lists the pipes that Ghost Cob loves.