Pipe Cleaning; Stage 1

Another series. This will be on how to clean a pipe from button to bowl. Interior and exterior. We shall also try and include how to do the salt and alcohol treatment, with both salt and cotton swabs. If I can get the lighting and camera right, we will also include how to retort a pipe.

Pipe Cleaning – The Retort

In the final part of this series on pipe cleaning, let's do a retort. Be fore warned, this video is around 40 minutes long and has lots of quiet portions, as we watch and wait for things to happen.

Pipe Cleaning Part V & VI; Salt a...

Parts V and VI have been combined to bring you the entire process of Salt & Alcohol treatment from start to finish.

Pipe Cleaning Part IV; Hand Polishing

In this part let's do a hand polish on the bowl. Two methods shown. First with hard carnauba wax which is commonly used with a buffing wheel, and then with Walker Pipe Repairs paste carnauba wax and sealer.

Pipe Cleaning Part III; The Air Passag...

Stage III - the air passage in the shank and mortise.

Pipe Cleaning Part II

Part II in the series on pipe cleaning. In this portion we'll ream and gently sand the tobacco chamber.

Pipe Shapes – Part 9, The Dublin

In part nine let's look at some Dublin shapes and variations. Some amazing flame grain examples, as well as a Nording cross grain, which IMHO is one of the nicest Nording pipes I have ever seen.

Pipe Shapes – Part 8, From Natur...

In part eight, lets look at shapes that come from nature. Acorn, fig, garlic, mushroom, horn, hawk bill, and more.

Pipe Shapes – Part 7, The Cavali...

In this part let's look at the cavalier and calabash shapes. Some of these are simply amazing. What comes out of carvers minds and executed in briar, creates collection center pieces.

Pipe Shapes – Part 6, The Pot

Imagine, if you will, a pipe with a wide chamber, squat bowl, and wide girth. Is that what you think of when someone says pot shape? If so, these might open your eyes to just how vast the shape is.

Pipe Shapes – Part 5, Pokers

There's not a whole lot on can say about the poker shape. Pretty much when the shape is spoken we each have our own vision of what that looks like. Then again .... how wide a range of shapes comes to mind?