Pipe Terms

Some pipe terminology that has become understood to mean something that is not exactly correct. When you hear these terms and might be confused, hopefully this might help.

Pipe Shapes – Part 9, The Dublin

In part nine let's look at some Dublin shapes and variations. Some amazing flame grain examples, as well as a Nording cross grain, which IMHO is one of the nicest Nording pipes I have ever seen.

Pipe Shapes – Part 8, From Natur...

In part eight, lets look at shapes that come from nature. Acorn, fig, garlic, mushroom, horn, hawk bill, and more.

Pipe Shapes – Part 7, The Cavali...

In this part let's look at the cavalier and calabash shapes. Some of these are simply amazing. What comes out of carvers minds and executed in briar, creates collection center pieces.

Pipe Shapes – Part 6, The Pot

Imagine, if you will, a pipe with a wide chamber, squat bowl, and wide girth. Is that what you think of when someone says pot shape? If so, these might open your eyes to just how vast the shape is.

Pipe Shapes – Part 5, Pokers

There's not a whole lot on can say about the poker shape. Pretty much when the shape is spoken we each have our own vision of what that looks like. Then again .... how wide a range of shapes comes to mind?

Pipe Shapes – Part 4, The Fish &...

In this edition lets examine the fish, disk, and blow fish / Fugu shapes.

Pipe Shapes – Part 3 The Bulldog

In part 3, lets examine the bulldog and all the variations.

Pipe Shapes – Part 2 The Apple

Let's examine the apple shape and the shapes which have been drawn from it. Author, Prince, Brandy, Tomato, and the Egg.

Pipe Shapes-Part 1 The Billiard

Often times I will see pipes, from various seller sources, in which the pipe shape has been listed in correctly. It has happened to me, far too often, when I list a pipe. This might come from what we as a seller see in the shape, other times it's just a simple mistake.

Eight Pipe Assumptions

I am sure there are far more than eight, but here's a quick list. If you have others, please leave in the comments section.