The Recap, The Loot, & The Hits (Pipe Show & Concert Weekend)

Texas Pipe Show in the books! We discuss the event, display the booty, and sneak a peek at a Billy Joel Show.

Thoughts on Hunting, Whiskey & To...

Derek Tant is back with a pipe and some thoughts. Join him in the Smoking Parlor.

Long Time, No See . . . BRTV

Derek Tant checks in and talks about his life and his brtv show.

The Perks of Procrastination & Go...

Procrastinating can have some unexpected rewards.

Blue Note by Dan Tobacco (Torben Dansk...

Derek tries Blue Note by Dan Tobacco and give you his impression of the blend

The Pros & Cons of Aromatic Pipe ...

Derek talks about the good and not so good points of aromatic pipe tobacco

Derek Tant’s Introductory Video

Derek kicks off his new show with some fantastic makeup advice and a big welcome to all his viewers.