Thoughts On Creating A Rotation of Pipes

Much more to the equation than just how often you smoke. I will explain some very basic thoughts. How often is just the tip on the iceberg. What blends you smoke. The climate in which you smoke.

The Briar Pack – Pipe Tobacco Ta...

How would you like to review some pipe tobaccos? Are you willing to commit to creating the reviews in video and have them posted? If so, please watch this content.

The First Pipe. What to Buy?

Mike has some opinions on selecting your first pipe. Hear what he has to say and feel free to let us know your opinion on the subject.

Are you a pipe smoker, pipe collector,...

Time to do a light chat about being a pipe collector.

How To Maintain & Clean Your Pipe...

In this video we'll delve into some very basic cleaning techniques. Not ones used daily or after each bowlful, as I hope after each bowl, you're at least running a clean pipe cleaner through your stem and shank. This is a more in depth cleaning / maintenance process for pipes that have been

Pipe & Tobacco Trivia Challenge

Briar Blues invites you to participate in a Pipe & Tobacco trivia challenge.

What You MUST Have To Enjoy A Pipe Ful...

I am sure you've been told that you "need" to have x,y, or z brand of pipe. You must not smoke fresh tobacco. You much use this kind of flame device and more and more things you must do and have to become a pipe smoker and truly fully enjoy the "art" of pipe smoking.

How To Select Your First Pipe

There are numerous myths and legends offered on how you should select that very first pipe. Ignore them. You can accept opinions from those with greater years at pipe enjoyment, but the bottom line is .... pick a pipe you think you'll like. Forget about any thoughts about how it will look.

The Art of Tamping

In this video we'll discuss, the why's, how to, and what for, in tamping, plus what is a tamper.

Flake Tobacco and How to Prepare

In this video we will try and offer some thoughts on flake tobacco. How to prepare such a style of tobacco to gain the most enjoyment.

How To Fill A Pipe

In this video we shall try and offer some ideas on various methods of filling your pipe.