YTPC Videos of the Week. Jan. 12th, 2020

Yardism is back highlighting some videos from around the YTPC .

This Week with Yardism

Videos Yardism found interesting this week. January 20th, 2020.

First Impressions of Sutliff Coffee

Goatman Stevie tries Sutliff's blend Coffee and pairs it with a coffee from 1850 called Midnight Gold.

Sutliff Cringle Flake First Impression...

Goatman Stevie tries out this 2019 Holiday Blend from Sutliff Tobacco. Pairing it nicely with some coffee from 3 Sisters.

Art’s Pipe Spotlight No 3

Art spotlights a London Calling Simon pipe (LCS).

YTPC Videos of the Week; Jan 5th, 2020

Beginning his new series on brtv, Yardism does a roundup of the best of the YTPC for the week. Videos that are worth your time to watch. Please leave your comments below.

First Impression of king’s Strid...

Goatman Stevie has been introducing us to the Warped line of tobaccos. Today he gives us his firs impressions of King's Stride.

Aristocob’s Christmas Message

Scott from recaps 2019, sends his holiday wishes and treats us to a wonderful song.

Goatman Stevie Reviews Cloud Hopper

Goatman Stevie gives his first impressions of Cloud Hopper from Warped.

Art’s Pipe Spotlight No. 2

Art spotlights a Merchant Service Bing's Favorite

Goatman Stevie’s First Impressio...

Smoking Boswell's Christmas Cookie and pairing it with what Goatman Stevie believes is the perfect coffee match.