YTPC Videos of the Week. Jan. 12th, 2020

Yardism is back highlighting some videos from around the YTPC .

First Impressions of Sansepolcro

Come join me on a journey. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a pipe with me on First Impressions. This time with Sansepolcro by Cornell & Diehl..

First Impressions : Haunted Bookshop

Caffeinated Piper's first impressions of Haunted Bookshop dedicated to the memory of Matches 860. RIP my friend.

First Impression of Escudo

Join Caffeinated Piper as he gives you his first impression of this VaPer and see if it lives up to the hype.

An Ode to the Pipe Smoking Community

The Victorian Piper talks about the incredible community of pipe smokers.

Davidoff Flake Medallions; First Impre...

Caffeinated Piper goes over his first impressions of Davidoff Flake Medallions.

First Impression; Super Value Bourbon ...

Caffeinated Piper goes over his first impression and overall thoughts of the Super Value blend Bourbon Whiskey.

The Red Hunt

Caffeinated Piper's  first impression of The Red Hunt by Warped Cigars and C & D.

First Impression of ‘Until The E...

Caffeinated Piper shares his thoughts on Until The End pipe tobacco from Warped Cigars and C&D.

First Impressions of Peterson (Dunhill...

Caffeinated Piper shares his first impression of the iconic blend Nightcap, a Peterson blend brought back to the market after Dunhill halted production.

The Tobacco Plant

From the Steel City Lounge, Ghost Cob teaches us everything we ever wanted to know about the tobacco plant.