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Christmas 2018

From everyone at the Briar Report we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for what has turned out to be a spectacular year. To all those that visit our sites Briar Report, Stogie Report and now the Briar Report Magazine, you are the real reason for our success and are appreciated more than you could ever know.

As an expression of that appreciation we would like to give away a small gift. Since we cannot give everyone something we are going to draw a name from amongst all our readers. We have asked YouTube’s own Padre Piper to host this giveaway and to select the winner for us.

The winner will be chosen LIVE on YouTube, on December 7th, 2018

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Contest Information

Padre Piper is the host of Padre Piper and Padre Rider YouTube channels, you can see more of Padre on his website PadrePiper.com or follow him on Twitter @padrepiper.

Padre: Hello everyone, welcome to the Briar Report 2018 Christmas giveaway. I’d like to take a moment and say I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and to wish you a Happy Hanukkah and a very Merry Christmas.

This Holiday Briar Report has asked me to give away a beautiful gift set to one lucky winner. I was told I could pick out one pipe and one lighter so I gave it some serious thought. Since this is their first Christmas event I thought it would be very fitting to go with a Christmas theme. I went straight for the Peterson Christmas 2018 line. Even though there are over two dozen shapes to choose from, if you know me and know my fondness for my Peterson 999 you won’t be surprised that I went right to that one.

Chuck Stanion from Smokingpipes describes it best. A classic Peterson Rhodesian, this Christmas pipe for 2018 is beautifully proportioned and highlighted by its bright copper mount and copper-colored stem logo. With a reddish stain to match the copper, it's a harmonious rendition and an excellent piece for celebrating the holiday season.

Picking out the lighter was a bit harder. I wanted to keep with the Christmas theme and what company would be able to fill that bill? Well, Zippo of course. I just didn’t know there were so many different Christmas themed lighters. I finally chose one and insisted that it be converted to a pipe lighter which the good people at Zippo were happy to do. I think it pairs with the Peterson perfectly.

Winner Receives:

Contest Rules

We decided to make this giveaway like no other. The rules are very simple.
There are no rules.
All you need to do to enter is get your name on the form and you’re entered.

We’ll give everyone enough time to get their name in the hat and I’ll be choosing a winner on December 7th, 2018

For more information you can watch my video Briar Report Christmas 2018.

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