Bill Rehashes Old Gripes

If you ever really herd me go on a tear you would probably hate my guts. When I get going there really isn’t anything to hold me back. You can’t imagine how many things really bother me. And it’s only getting worse.
Last night we had a special mid-week meeting to try and get some stuff done. Afterwards we got into a discussion about people who not only are anti-smoking but are rabid anti-smoking.

To be perfectly clear, I don’t mind people who hold those views. Smoking isn’t the best thing for you and if you want to not smoke yourself and discourage people from doing so, that’s fine with me. Actually it’s sort of smart. But where I get off the bus is when they are totally nuts about it and even worse, use the government to enforce their personal beliefs.
I usually ask “what if one person made the rules but that person were me?” I’m sure these people wouldn’t like that one bit. but they start shrieking about Scientific evidence, health and second hand smoke, and all that other [expletive deleted]. Not saying science is [expletive deleted] but it sure doesn’t have the same meaning as it used to. Once they do that they think they have staked out the moral high ground and that anything you say is irrelevant. 

They are so self-righteous. Then to make matters worse they start lying. They don’t know they are doing it, so maybe technically it’s not a lie. They say stuff like 50,000 people a year die from second hand smoke. Ah, no they don’t. They just throw that stuff out there and eventually it gets repeated.
I can’t get political or this column will get deep-sixed, but when someone believes something about their political opposition, no amount of truth or facts matter. In that person’s mind it’s true. There must be some medical term for someone who is delusional like that, but I’m too dumb to know what it is. 

Even Scientists are Bias Now

To make matters worse the “professionals” who should be helping those with such delusions make it worse because they now put their own political beliefs first and take sides. That in turn makes the hysterical person worse because they now have validation from what should be an unbiased source. Sick, that’s what it’s become. 

I’m not saying or implying that medical people should come out and say smoking is good for you, or even that it’s not bad, but at least tell the truth. 
Smoking is a risk and put it into perspective. Don’t go saying that thousands of people are keeling over from second hand smoke when they are not. 


Why do they lie? It’s because the truth is not on their side. Rotten people lie. They lie. 

Not only is liberty in jeopardy today but something much worse is going on. People want to dictate what you should or should not be doing and most people, even the ones that claim to oppose things like that, are totally fine with it.

What happens is someone blurts out something they don’t like and say it should be banned. When other people hear that the first thing they think about is whether or not they like that thing. If they don’t, they are fine with it being controlled by the government. If they do like it they scream bloody murder. 

They don’t pick sides by what’s right or wrong, but by what they like personally and how it fits into their political beliefs. 

When I was doing the Stogie Report it was hard to find stories every day. It’s even harder to find pipe stories for the Briar Report. but if we wanted we could fill the thing up everyday with stories about towns and States raising the age to buy tobacco. Places where they are banning smoking everywhere, not just government buildings, and the general effort to ban tobacco outright. 

Old Hat

I know I’ve written about this several times in the past and I know I’m probably bugging you. I also always say I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but the fact remains nobody has any integrity left. Is there any respect for liberty anymore or has everyone just thrown in the towel? 

There is a very tiny ember still glowing and we need to keep it going. If it burns out there will be no going back. My instinct is to engage these people and let them have it. They want to surrender their rights, that’s fine with me, but leave mine alone. Don’t like me smoking a stogie in my car? Don’t ride with me. Plus I have a news flash for you, I don’t want you riding with me anyway. It’s one of the reasons I’m smoking that stogie in the first place. 

I Think They Deflect

What I think is going on here is that people for the most part have turned into a bunch of lazy losers. Obsessed with their cell phones and always looking to be entertained.

What people really crave is to be worshiped on the alter of the Social Media. I can’t even believe I wrote that. Social Media, what a sick twisted thing that is. They want everyone to think they are fighting to make the world into their utopia. So what’s an easy target? Smoking. Doesn’t matter that pipe smoking or cigar smoking isn’t hurting anyone. All that matters is they are seen front and center fighting it.

Here’s what I got to say about that. Facebook ruins more lives than pipes or cigars ever will. They attack cigar smokers because they don’t have the guts or the brain cells to turn the magnifying glass on themselves.

Losers and frauds. Ruin your marriages. Raise a generation of brain dead loser kids, I don’t care. I’ll be smoking my cigars laughing at you jerks. You’re lives won’t be worth a bucket of spit and you’ll be clinging to that stupid phone waiting for someone to click on the like button.

I’ll also bet if you could sneak into the offices of the FDA those government [expletive deleted] would be doing the same thing. Goofing around, stealing money from the hard working taxpayers and wiping their [expletive deleted] with the Constitution.

Leave me alone you Zombies.


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