MarKen Pipes Offers Special Gift To Local Pipe Clubs

MarKen pipes have been in the retail pipe business for 15 years. They have seen it all, and one thing they noticed was the importance of the Pipe Club. They have always felt it brought a sense of camaraderie to pipe smokers.

Smoking your pipe is a relaxing, solitary thing to do, but the enjoyment is enhanced when with friends. What can be nicer than sitting down with people who enjoy the same thing you do and smoke a pipe together? Talking about your new pipe, different tobacco blends and what ever else is on your ming.

We were talking to the guys about what pipe clubs once were, and what they are today. The importance of saving and encouraging such groups and what it means to the hobby as a whole.

They spoke about things we can do individually and as a group to help revitalize the modern Pipe Club.

What MarKen Has to Say About Pipe Clubs

From a cultural standpoint, pipe smoking, certainly in Europe and from the colonial period in America onward, is very likely the oldest way tobacco was used in a social setting. Pipe Clubs, worldwide, carry on that tradition and cultivate a love for pipes and tobacco.

Today, Pipe Clubs are more than a handful of local enthusiasts who gather once in awhile to share stories, tobacco and talk about the pipes they love. Pipe Clubs offer an invaluable service as a resource for introducing pipe smoking to a new generation, for sharing knowledge, and building a true community of pipe smokers.

The work of holding meetings, building frendships, imparting wisdom, testing and critiquing new tobaccos, offering blending seminars, organizing pipe shows and smoking contests is extremely rewarding but also very demanding.

Markus & KC from MarKen Pipes

What We Can Do

We at MarKen Pipes believe the work is important and needs to be supported. As a way of showing our support to the hard-working pipe clubs around the world, we want to offer 2 dozen free clay pipes to the first 15 clubs who reply to this article.

The pipes we have chosen are perfect for tobacco testing. They have a medium size bowl and can even be used for a smoking contest. Did we mentionn they are free? But we only have 15 sets of 24 pipes available for this offer. It will be on a first-come, first served basis. 

Clay Pipes are perfect for tastings

Generous Offer

This amazing offer is so generous we were just floored when we read it. We were also very happy that they chose Briar Report as the platform to announce this gift to Pipe Clubs.

If you want to contact MarKen Pipes you can visit their website,

They also run the website

How To Enter Your Pipe Club

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, you need to visit MarKen pipes website and give them some information about your club.

Here is a direct link:

This is a very limited offer. It is on a first come, first served basis.