Cup O’ Joes Celebrates 23rd Anniversary

Congratulations to Cup O’ Joes who is celebrating 23 years on the internet. They are one of those companies that seem to fly under the radar, but are always there with great customer service and fantastic prices when you need them. They carry a huge inventory of Pipe tobacco and Pipes. Tons of pipes! Throw in some cigars and even coffee and you have yourself a great website.

A little history from the Cup O’ Joes website

Kathleen Kelly started the online company in the very early days of the Internet – 1996. She was determined to excel in everything related to pipes and pipe tobacco, and has done a fine job at that. 

Cup O’ Joes is one of the oldest and most venerable pipe and tobacco websites. They have had a lot of time to perfect everything, from service – especially service – to product. If it’s one thing Cup O’ Joes knows well, it’s how to find the best pipes and tobaccos and how to get them to you at the very best price

The Anniversary Tobacco Blend

Image stolen from Cup O’ Joe’s website

They collaborated with people on social media to see what style of tobacco they liked and based the new blend on that. Kathleen took that and ran with it. The results are what you see here. Having the Anniversary blend produced by the Sutliff Company was a great decision. Between the two of them you are sure to get something special. As you should, considering it’s an anniversary blend. I would expect nothing but their best. Putting your name on a blend really says something about the confidence a company has in a product. 

Description Directly From Their Website

We’re celebrating our 23rd Anniversary with a very special blend! Our Cup O’ Joes Anniversary Blend No. 23 is a Virginia / Perique crumble cake, coming with two beautiful 2.5″ x 2″ 0.25″ cakes ready to be smoked right out of the tin. This blend is an old fashioned pressed crumble cake made with the perfect combination of Black Cavendish, Red Virginias and an ample amount of Perique. The tin offers notes of spice, fig, a slightly fruity undertone & traditional Red Virginia vinegar scents.

The Cup O’ Joes YouTube channel has put up a video about the blend

Again, we wanted to congratulate everyone at Cup O’ Joes on their anniversary. Hopefully many more to come.