Pipe Smoker’s Gift Buying Guide

It’s getting down to the wire and you’re looking for ideas for the pipe smoker on your list, or you’re a pipe smoker yourself and you want to make sure you get something nice for Christmas so you forward this article to your lovely wife who just doesn’t know what to get you.

Before we begin I’d like to say that nothing on this list is sponsored in any way. Of course you should visit our advertisers like Dark Fired Spills and get the greatest stocking stuffer of all time, cedar spills. Plus you get free shipping when you use the promo code “report”. That goes without saying, pick up some Dark Fired Spills whether it’s Christmas or not. Also to pick up some fantastic new pipes from artisans around the world you don’t have to go any further than Tobacco Pipes Japan. If you’re looking for the high grade Estate pipe, then Briar Blues is the site to drop in at.


Now that’s out of the way, I will also point out that there are no pipes or tobacco on this list. Why? Because that kind of stuff is very personal and it’s hard to shop for people when it comes to very personal items especially when it’s something they are very into. They have precisely what they love in mind and the chances of you getting that exact pipe or blend is pretty low unless they come right out and tell you. This list is more along the lines of an item that they wouldn’t necessarily get for themselves but would love to be on the receiving end of.


They are presented in no particular order and run the spectrum from very inexpensive to some higher priced items. Take a look and if nothing else this will give you some great ideas.


Pipe Cleaners


The greatest stocking-stuffer of all time. People should be ordering pipe cleaners every time they put an order in or stop by their favorite tobacconist. It’s like getting napkins when you grab food at a fast food place. You just grab them because you need them. Even with that said, people still run out or try to reuse them if they aren’t too bad because they are running low. Get some pipe cleaners and cram the stocking full. You can never buy enough of them and they are practically free. You can get a pack for a buck or two. If you don’t know where to go, start with Smokingpipes.com.


Kiribi Lighter


We chose the Kiribi for our buyer’s guide because they are such a great value. I.M. Corona lighters are top notch, theirs no denying that, but you are going to pay top dollar for one. They are worth it since you should have it the rest of your life and it is perfect for pipe smoking. The reason Kiribi made it instead is because for much less money you get a lighter that is almost as good. In fact it’s hard to tell the difference. A very high quality lighter that looks fantastic and is functional. You really can’t go wrong with one. There are several styles to choose from and we recommend you go over to The Pipe Nook and see what they have. Trust us on this one, you will love a Kiribi lighter.



A nice ashtray. What is this 1974? The reason we have this on the list is because it’s not something people usually buy for themselves. They are using old tins or something they picked up cheap. We are talking about well made, elegant ashtrays. Like ones made out of crystal and have cork pipe knockers on them. It’s the kind of thing that turns a smoking area into a gentleman’s lounge. When you have a nice ash tray there comes a sense of satisfaction with it, especially if you have an area in the house you like to smoke in. Let’s face it, if you have a few extra bucks you’re going to buy a pipe or some more tobacco for the cellar, you’re not going to buy an ashtray, that’s why it makes such a nice gift.

It’s hard to find companies that make a good ashtray anymore so your best bet is some of the online sites like ebay or etsy. There are some gems out there is you take a few minutes to look.

Rabbit Air MinusA2 Air Purifier

There is a great case to be made for this air purifier. First of all, it’s simply the best out there. If you’re going to spend the money get something that’s going to work, not just sort of works. The Rabbit Air MinusA2 is really a game changer for someone who smokes inside or wants to smoke inside. I know smoking indoors is a touchy subject with some people. But if managed well there really is no issue. We are not talking about smoking cigarettes where there tar gets all over the walls and ceilings. We are talking about pipe tobacco. It smell nice to begin with but with a zero tolerance policy in most homes it doesn’t matter. If you had one of these babies I’m telling you it makes a big difference. You get yourself a spot, like a “man cave” or den. You hang one of these MinusA2 air purifiers on the wall and you stay away of blends like 10 Russians, and you’re good to go. The MinusA2 is whisper quiet and it has multiple filters including activated carbon. It covers an area of over 800 square feet which is plenty big enough. Check out all the design options as some are quite stylish. What better Christmas gift can someone give you? We are not talking about just an air purifier, we are talking about smoking your pipe indoors while enjoying a book or watching a game instead of going outside and freezing your rear end off for half an hour. Life is too short, enjoy yourself and keep the air clean for yourself and the ones you live with. It’s not cheap so brace yourself, then get one, you won’t regret it.


A Leather Pipe Roll


Oh man these are so cool. Find the right one and you’ll fall in love. There are still a few places that make these, Sorringowl & Sons being one of them. But there are a few more. I can’t think of a better gift. Handmade, perfect way to carry a pipe or two and all the accessories you’ll need. I mean, who wouldn’t want one of these? I wouldn’t be subtle about it either, dropping hints or any of that nonsense. Just point it out and say “I want one of these”. Tell you wife when you get it she can take a picture and put it up on her Pinterest page. They just look so cool, but they are still functional. Don’t be the guy with pipes dropping all over the floor of your car looking like a bum. When you go out to the Estate to do a little fox hunting or spend some time in the cabin, have one of these with you to really do it right.


That’s our list. Next year we will probably have a much more extensive list and will plan it much better. We have been asked this question of what to get someone a few times in the last couple of weeks so we threw this list together. Hope it helps. Send the link to who ever has you to buy for this Christmas.