Zach, the 4-Eyed Piper hosts a show on brtv aimed at both the novice and more advanced pipe smokers. He covers many topics with the goal of teaching and entertaining. He also brings you many tips and tricks that I'm sure you will find helpful.

4-Eyed Piper

HU Soraya First Impressions

4Eyed Piper shares his impressions of Soraya. Check out Jean Panzer!

Top 4 Tips for Building Your Winter Sm...

In the colder months people who would normally enjoy their pipes outdoors are looking for alternatives. 4-Eyed Piper gives you some great tips when planning that little getaway

Top 4 Tips for Home Blending

If you like to blend tobaccos at home, or are even thinking about it. 4-Eyed Piper has the top 4 things you should be thinking about.

The Top Four with 4EyedPiper Intro

The 4-Eyed Piper, Zach begins with his introduction video which he explains the meaning of the show's name and his future plans. Please welcome 4-Eyed Piper to the brtv family with "The Top Four with 4Eyed Piper".