For over twenty years Briar Blues has been a leader in the retail sales of estate pipes on the internet. The wealth of knowledge brought to the Briar Blues brtv show is second to none. From starter briars to the highest end pipes in the world, this is the show where you can learn it all.

Briar Blues

Eight Pipe Assumptions

I am sure there are far more than eight, but here's a quick list. If you have others, please leave in the comments section.

Pipe Terms

Some pipe terminology that has become understood to mean something that is not exactly correct. When you hear these terms and might be confused, hopefully this might help.

Briar Pack – Round Two Reveal

The Briar Pack Round Two is ready for the reveal. Very interesting observations from all that sent reviews.

Changes Coming

The Briar Pack Group is doing great, BUT it's going to expand and include viewer participation!

Briar Pack Gal Edition Round 1 Reveal

The ladies have made quite the entrance! Slam dunk! Pow, Smack! In your face Gentlemen! Step up or get run over!

Briar Pack Round 1 Reveal

Briar Blues reveals the blend that was sent out to members of the Briar Pack. To see their individual videos please see the article in the Briar Report Magazine. You can find the description of the blend on that page.  

Pipe & Tobacco Myths

Mike tackles some common myths when it comes to pipes and pipe tobacco.

Thoughts On Creating A Rotation of Pip...

Much more to the equation than just how often you smoke. I will explain some very basic thoughts. How often is just the tip on the iceberg. What blends you smoke. The climate in which you smoke.

The Briar Pack – Pipe Tobacco Ta...

How would you like to review some pipe tobaccos? Are you willing to commit to creating the reviews in video and have them posted? If so, please watch this content.

The First Pipe. What to Buy?

Mike has some opinions on selecting your first pipe. Hear what he has to say and feel free to let us know your opinion on the subject.