The Briar Pack

SeaSmoke Pipes Entry into Briar Pack C...

Getting his sample late, SeaSmoke Pipes gives us his quick impressions and review of the second challenge sent by Briar Blues for the Briar Pack Challenge.

Briar Blues Challenge #2 Down

Goatman Stevie takes you through his entry into the Briar Pack Challenge No. 2

Tasting Challenge No. 2 From TPI

Tobacco Pipes International takes on Briar Blues' tasting challenge no. 2

Lori’s Entry In the Second Round...

Lori takes a shot at the tobacco Briar Blues sent for the second round of the Briar Pack Challenge.

Harriet Herfer’s Entry Into Bria...

Harriet takes on the second challenge that Briar Blues put out to the Briar Pack.

Briar Pack Blind Test #2

The Bearded Welshman's entry for the Briar Blues Briar Pack Challenge No. 2