Padre Shares Rector’s Blend

This past winter Padre Piper experimented with doing some of his own tobacco blending. He had a mixture called Rector’s Blend what was well liked by the people he shared it with.

Full disclosure, we here at Briar Report were one of those recipients of a nice sized bag. We tried it out during one of our Saturday Staff Meetings. It really was a good blend. Very smooth and smelled fantastic.

The only problem was that when that bag was gone, so was Rector’s Blend. What can you do? Padre has finally shared that recipe with the world. I can tell you first hand it’s worth the time to put it together.

In his latest video you can get the details and his take on it. It comes right after the weather but before sports.

Here are the Particulars

One part Lane BCA

One part Lane Virginia

Blend those two ingredients and let it sit in a sealed jar for ten to fourteen days. During that time, shake it every so often.

To that mixture add two parts of Lane BS-005 and mix it up real good.

Put the entire thing is a sealed jar and let it sit for a week to ten days.

That’s It

Thank you Padre for sharing this great blend. By the time you read this we will be making our own batch up. If you make it up yourself let us know how it came out for you and how you like it.